My mountain bike camera gear

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I’ve got two of these things and they have done me well with great video and audio. My GoPro Settings.

The workhorse gimbal that mounts to my chest smooths out my video footage.

My POV footage all comes from the chest.


Audio is just as important as video, and your GoPro audio won’t work if you’re in a windstorm.

A nice point and shoot for vlogging with a lot of limitations but great image quality, especially in low light.



After a year of use and abuse one of the three batteries has failed. For $30 it's a really good deal.

Portable power for charging anything USB.



Even though we don’t use film anymore, your GoPro still needs to store the footage. I keep lots of extras around. There are lots of different specs and speeds for SD cards, but these are the ones I use.

Probably the most important piece of equipment after the gimbal. Working on an SSD means bulletproof reliability and speed.

Once my 500 gigabyte hard drive fills up I transfer my files over to my Western Digital 16TB My Cloud Pro. A year in and I've filled up 10TB.



The BMW of laptops. It’s expensive, but it’s a bulletproof machine.

iMovie works great and is free, but Final Cut Pro has a few nicer features.