My Santa Cruz Bronson

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An incredibly fun and confidence inspiring bike.

The latest and greatest fork from Rockshox.

All the glorious power of SRAM's 12 speed innovation at half the price.

One of the biggest gripes about my bike was the original Reverb remote button. I really like the ergonomic feel.

After I dented my stock rims I knew it was time to move to carbon wheels. These things have taken a beating and have never let me down.

The Minion in the rear has been just as good as the one up front. Cactus needles and sharp rocks haven’t slowed me down. I’m using the “Wide Trail” version because I have 35mm internal width carbon rims. Use coupon code BKXC-10 to save 10%.

After running DHF for 650+ miles of harsh terrain I just upgraded to the DHF WT. The “Wide Trail” version of the tire is supposed to be a match made in heaven for my 35mm internal width carbon rims. Use coupon code BKXC-10 to save 10%.

These bar end plugs are rock solid and look great.

These things are like pillows for your palms. Can’t ride without them. Use coupon code BKXC-10 to save 10%.

These little caps are an awesome way to rep your favorite MTB YouTuber.

The best way to keep my GoPro lens clean!

Keep your cables organized and stop the clicking.

I've had these things for 5+ years and I've only had one bolt come a little loose. They're beat up trail warriors.