what I'm wearing


I love what the guys over at Handup Gloves are doing and I'm so flattered that they were willing to do a collaboration with me.

BKXC Jersey

My limited-edition jersey was available in short and 3/4 sleeve and made in America by Podiumwear. It is no longer available.

These ones don’t come with a liner, so be aware! Really good pockets for random stuff and the material is solid.


These shoes are pretty damn good for walking and riding.

I said to myself I wouldn’t buy another helmet unless it was MIPS, but I got a great deal on one of these on sale. So my NEXT helmet will be MIPS.

I went for the small size after checking the measurements and these things have been pretty good. But I haven’t worn them on a real hot day yet! Use coupon code BKXC-10 to save 10%.


Sleep and activity tracker to keep nerdy stats on my health. Use coupon code BKXC for 10% off.

Not 100% waterproof but it does a damn good job to keep out the wet stuff and wind. I really hate riding in the rain.


There is nothing better than putting this thing on after a ride and getting naked inside of it. Switch into a fresh set of clothes without getting naked in public.

Keep your clean clothes in it before the ride and stuff it with your dirty kit (and shoes, and socks and knee pads) once you’re done.